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china bamboo picks

china bamboo picks is one end of a sharp slender bamboo poles or bamboo, made of bamboo. Feel smooth, fresh color consistency, strength of bamboo, and toughness.
The use of bamboo:
In recent years, bamboo engineering methods, physical and chemical effects made of bamboo fiber, is used as textiles, made of towels and clothing.
Bamboo through baking, made of bamboo charcoal is used in many occasions, including the removal of environmental odor, and the special flavor of food. Charcoal after pulverization and activation made of activated carbon, have a good adsorption and purification, be used in cars and homes, and sewage treatment.
Bamboo is also commonly used in the construction of scaffolding (scaffolding), as building materials and a broom (which means broom), tables, chairs and other daily necessities.
In Japan and Korea, it was used together with the sea salt, loess, similar steelmaking methods, processing into bamboo salt (or bamboo salt) as a seasoning, or even added to the personal hygiene items, bamboo salt toothpaste is among the more well-known product of. The alleged anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic anti-termite, maintaining gingival collagen to prevent the effect of receding gums and gum disease.
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