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bamboo picks manufacturer

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo picks manufacturer,Our factory founded in 1995,we have many years for bamboo field, about 9000 square meters for producing
bamboo is mainly distributed in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions between the Earth's latitude of 46 degrees to 47 degrees south latitude. In addition to the European continent in the world, other continents can be found in the fourth glacier after the local bamboo species.
Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan and Sichuan have a lot of different types of bamboo distribution.
Asia-Pacific region and the Americas are also the main bamboo distribution.
Bamboo flowering cycle, but also because of the different bamboo species in three types: the small number of bamboo can be mid-flowering, after flowering bamboo stalk is not death, still can be pumped to whip long shoots; most of the bamboo will only flower once in the whole growth process, and a certain period, ranging from 40-80 years, after flowering rod leaves yellow and die into a film, underground stems gradually darkening, loss of germination capacity, to form the seeds of the so-called bamboo meters after planting, germination and growth can into Hsinchu, bamboo and Chinese orange bamboo belong to this type; type from time to time sporadic flowering, after flowering, the bamboo is not dead, for example, Ci bamboo is one of them. Chinese orange bamboo, bamboo belong to a class on a regular basis into the flowering. Such bamboo flowering time interval is very long, generally 50 to 60 years: there are even nearly a hundred years continue to flower once. However, regardless of which year to grow the bamboo Rhizome age is the same or similar flowering time on substantially the same. Even if the ecological environment is very different, such as sunny, shady, steep slopes, gentle slopes, different soils, different altitudes, can blossom at the same time.
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