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About Us

bamboo canes bamboo sticks

:Bamboo cane, including curved handles, body upright stick, rubber buffer head; curved handle and upright rod body is processed from bamboo through high-strength adhesive paste to form the curved handle, upright bamboo rod body is one, the bufferplastic caps at the bottom of the upright rod body.

bamboo skewers

is refined from natural bamboo processing industry, with good color and intensity of hard, smell fragrant, and other environmental characteristics, is one of the daily lives of people needed health products.

bamboo picks

is one end of a sharp slender bamboo poles or bamboo, made of bamboo. Feel smooth, fresh color consistency, strength of bamboo, and toughness.

bamboo poles bamboo fence

is cut down and trimmed away the branches and leaves of bamboo, the bamboo trunk, life used to dry clothing, pole vault.
Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd  located in Zhejiang Province,China, now we open a new bamboo manufactor in Anhui Province, We are specializing in design and manufacture bamboo&wood products ,bamboo poles,bamboo canes,bamboo stakes,bamboo sticks,bamboo skewers,bamboo picks,bamboo toothpicks,wood toothpicks,bamboo fence,bamboo trellis,bamboo furniture,with much experience and culture more than 18 years.As a leader of Bamboo manufactures,we will develop more technological and high quality products for your new life.
For now, our bamboo products are sold to Europe, North America, South America,Japan, Korea, Southeast of Asia, Middle East etc.
Our factory founded in 1995,we have many years for bamboo field, about 9000 square meters for producing,at present we had more than 120 workers,and we built living room for people.
Our factory is closed to Hangzhou 55KM, and 220KM to Shanghai,it is easy and helpful for your import.Welcome to visit us.





Address: Kuntong Town,Anji County,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China 313300
Anhui Branch: Dongting Town,Guangde County,Anhui Province,China 242200
Tel: 0086-15336987236
SKYPE: anjibamboo2
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