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bamboo picks factory

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo picks factory,our bamboo products are sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast of Asia, Middle East etc.Our factory founded in 1995
Bamboo cultivation and breeding:
The use of ramets buried branches, shift the whip, and breeding of seed sowing. Rhizome bud force and clusters are strong, early spring before germination cut Rhizome, together with bamboo poles, respectively, planting, when the summer you can grow in Hsinchu. The seeds can be sown after bamboo flowering.
Planted bamboo should choose the sunny leeward, damp environment. Bamboo growth and volume growth, water and fertilizer requirements, requiring plenty of moisture, but also to good drainage. Requirements of the soil deep, fertile, acidic soil rich in organic matter and mineral elements. Common courtyard planted with bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, Dan Zhu, dry garden of bamboo, just bamboo.
Bamboo, evergreen, upright beautiful, colorful, varied and impressive. Bambusa Multiplex, tall and graceful branches slender; the piano Sizhu inlaid with golden branches green lines; Xiangfei Zhu, branches Health piebald, Green show graceful; variegated bamboo, leaves students with gray pattern ; Zizhu, Wong Chuk, red bamboo, its branches with purple, yellow and purple, respectively; flower body bamboo green bamboo inlaid with yellow lines; Buddha belly bamboo, branches short and thick, and convex out, as if Lohan's belly. In addition, the Interfax bamboo, jade bamboo, chicken feet, bamboo, bamboo rare species.
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