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bamboo canes factory

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo canes factory,we have many years for bamboo field, about 9000 square meters for producing,at present we had more than 120 workers.
Bamboo cultivation and breeding:
The use of ramets buried branches, shift the whip, and breeding of seed sowing. Rhizome bud force and clusters are strong, early spring before germination cut Rhizome, together with bamboo poles, respectively, planting, when the summer you can grow in Hsinchu. The seeds can be sown after bamboo flowering.
Planted bamboo should choose the sunny leeward, damp environment. Bamboo growth and volume growth, water and fertilizer requirements, requiring plenty of moisture, but also to good drainage. Requirements of the soil deep, fertile, acidic soil rich in organic matter and mineral elements. Common courtyard planted with bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, Dan Zhu, dry garden of bamboo, just bamboo.
Bamboo evergreen, widely used. In the courtyard, is an indispensable embellishment rockery waterside plant. Guilin Lijiang River next to the planting of Bambusa Multiplex has become a unique landscape. Anji Bamboo, Bamboo Sea of Yibin and southern Jiangxi Bamboo Chinese famous bamboo forest landscape.
The fast-growing bamboo, in recent years for environmental reasons, there are a lot of furniture and paper to switch to bamboo manufacturing. The bamboo can also be made crafts, and musical instruments.
The Zhuqing is cool a goal of Chinese herbal medicines. Fresh bamboo over the fire to bake to get the juice was known as Zhu Li, for the treatment of cough and phlegm. Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots is a common food. Bamboo seeds are called bamboo rice, because it is not easy to get, so is a valuable food.
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