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The glass steel rods instead of the traditional bamboo posts accelerate the pace of fishermen rich

www.alwaysbamboo.comLianyun District learned that, in order to comprehensively promote seaweed offshore development, after two years of exploration, the FRP rod for its resistance to strong winds and waves, to reduce labor and other advantages, become seaweed farming traditional bamboo canes supplier tools bamboo best alternatives , to further accelerate the pace of modernization and fishermen's rich in the Lianyun seaweed farming.
Village party bamboo skewers supplier branch secretary of Lianyun yellow nest July, 2004. ZHANG Lixiang: "The benefits of glass steel rods one is applicable to the development of the deep-water, it's the cost of long-term you figure lower than the Moso bamboo, glass steel rods estimate can be bamboo picks supplier used to ten years, there a glass steel labor costs are also reduced, and so reduce labor intensity, and costs are reduced. "
    Wong Wo Village fishermen told reporters, the new promotion laver glass steel plunger alternative to traditional Moso bamboo posts bamboo poles supplier in the deep expansion of seaweed farming area of 10,000 acres, plus 200 pounds per acre can yield seaweed, "steward" for fishermen income can reach more than 480 million.
Fishermen: "two benefits, the first benefits of glass steel rods than the original bamboo to reduce weight, and then two days living day can finish second advantage is the quality of the dishes up, keep up with the price a. "
It is understood that, due to the the glass steel bar service life of up to 5-10 years, the unit price of each pole up to 390 yuan a one-time investment, taking into account the fishermen larger, the Lianyun and fisheries sector joint apply to the district government to fishermen per root nearly a third of the price subsidies. As of now, the Lianyun subsidy glass steel rod 14000, grants funds of 1.82 million yuan, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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