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Cleaning Wikipedia: the comb daily cleaning and Notes

Comb clean is the correct choice of the scalp, the comb too many bacteria cause irritation of the scalp, periodically clean the comb is very important. We can with a bamboo stick, his hair first brush, then comb soak bamboo skewers manufacturer in water mixed with shampoo, after a few moments, and then brush the bamboo stick can. Next, let us look at the steps in detail.
    First pick out the hair comb (usually every comb finished slightly caught swap cards on top of the hair).
    If you can washing: use shampoo or soap, to take unwanted toothbrush bamboo picks manufacturer to brush off the dirt above.
    Mane comb: usually are washing hair every other day, you do not have dirty hair, when the hair more oil, the hair also relative comparison obedient, so are the pick finished first the next day than fluffy hair when using bamboo poles manufacturer the weekday habit not to let the hair left in the comb, dirty with a toothbrush, brush moistened with water, can be dry in no the sunshine Zhishai at.
    Is two combs in the water to another scrub, but also allows the comb to clean Lo!
    Comb the roots often dirt accumulation, we can do with wool or nylon line is a good helper to remove dirt, first cut the rope line to the appropriate length, and then hand pulled at both ends of the rope line, so rope line in the gap between the comb slide to slide, after a while, dirt buildup on the rope line, then rinse scrub some the comb will soon clean up!

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