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The glass steel rods instead of the traditional bamboo posts accelerate the pace of fishermen rich

www.alwaysbamboo.comLianyun District learned that, in order to comprehensively promote seaweed offshore development, after two years of exploration, the FRP rod for its resistance to strong winds and waves, to reduce labor and other advantages, become seaweed farming traditional bamboo canes supplier tools bamboo best alternatives , to further accelerate the pace of modernization and fishermen's rich in the Lianyun seaweed farming.

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Timber soaring bamboo flooring usher impact the mainstream market opportunity
It is understood that the bamboo flooring full access to China's market time is not long, but has many advantages compared to wood, bamboo or bamboo itself is a more environmentally friendly material, and now the trend of consumption is very consistent, and secondly, bamboo also belong to the rich resources in our country, the Chinese bamboo forest area of ​​more than 500 million hectares of bamboo resources in the area and production china bamboo picks rank first in the world, the world's best performance, use of the highest value pubescens about 90% distribution in The southern provinces of China. Therefore, bamboo flooring in the future, or has good prospects for development.


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